“It’s a tool that I’ll be recommending that the companies I’m involved with use. It’s simple, effective and helps them to build their brand. That’s a win in anyone’s language.”

“Bottom line: if your technology conference and award tracking and management system is inefficient, spreadsheet based and labor intensive, TechCalendar is a compelling option that extends beyond what existing services offer.”
“Events are a key part of our developer outreach strategy, and TechCalendar is giving our team huge efficiencies in tracking all of the opportunities and deadlines that matter. It strips away the grunt work of event discovery and tracking CFP deadlines, and gets everyone in marketing on the same page. We highly recommend the service and feel it is a huge breakthrough for tech companies that need to scale their events participation.”
Tony Mataya, Developer Relations Manager
Simple event and award discovery

There are thousands of tech events and awards, and it’s a universal challenge to tech companies to find and participate in the ones that matter without drowning in research.

Help your company focus its efforts with the tool that has the most comprehensive indexing of tech events and awards. TechCalendar uses a simple keyword-based approach to help you zero in on topics of interest, find events that matter, and follow them with a single click. Care about a specific organizer like O’Reilly? You can easily see all of their events at once. Care about Javascript or any other specific programming language, platform or technology type? We’ve got you covered.

Your team has a limited amount of time and resources to throw at events - whether you’re talking about speaking, sponsoring, recruiting, or just good old fashioned networking. TechCalendar can help you cut to the chase in discovering the events that matter to you, in a simple and intuitive format that saves you major time.

Follow opportunities you care about

Spreadsheets are great and everything, but they’re horribly inefficient for team collaboration in managing tech events and awards. And we probably don’t need to educate you about why data entry is a poor use of your time.

TechCalendar marries events and awards to the calendar. You can create as many different calendars as you wish (for different departments, different product groups, different clients if you are a PR firm, etc.). And you can integrate each calendar with your calendar client (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.).

That means any employee at your company can see simple (calendar or list-based) views on all the opportunities that matter. That means bye-bye to manual data entry within spreadsheets.

Stop missing deadlines

It’s too often that tech companies discover events and awards after they’ve already happened, track them in some massive spreadsheet, and then proceed to miss deadlines the next time they roll around because they don’t have time to properly manage the spreadsheet.

Let TechCalendar do that heavy lifting on the data for you.

You simply focus on using TechCalendar to find and follow the things you care about. And we make sure you have the important (and accurate) dates and deadlines right at your fingertips. Oh yeah, and if you follow an event or award this year, we’ll update it on your calendar the next year as its details become available.

“Tracking existing tech events, not to mention the new ones that pop up, is a more involved process than it should be. TechCalendar solves for that.”
Tiffany Spencer, Bessemer Venture Partners
“We highly recommend the service and feel it is a huge breakthrough for tech companies that need to scale their events participation.”
Tony Mataya, Twilio
“With TechCalendar, companies have a tool to find the events that are right for them without compromising time or quality.”
Craig Oda, Kunalo Relations
“We all have that suspicion that we could be getting more out of our events efforts. TechCalendar is the answer.”
Michael Cote, 451 Research
“TechCalendar eliminates data entry and makes tracking tech events a lot easier and more enjoyable.”
Jennifer Cloer, The Linux Foundation
“TechCalendar helps us focus our time on what really matters: creating great content for award and speaker submissions.”
Bret Clement, RightScale
No-Hassle Pricing:  $3,000 per year covers truly unlimited access for your organization.
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